Instrukcja obsługi i eksploatacji Haier Hrf 2205

Instrukcja obsługi Haier Hrf 2205 to oficjalna instrukcja użytkownika, która zawiera informacje na temat instalacji, konfiguracji i użytkowania produktu. Instrukcja zawiera szczegółowe informacje dotyczące funkcji i wyglądu produktu, wskazówki dotyczące jego użytkowania i instalacji oraz informacje na temat obsługi i eksploatacji. Zawiera też informacje na temat bezpieczeństwa i konserwacji produktu, a także wskazówki dotyczące jego prawidłowego użytkowania. Instrukcja obsługi i eksploatacji Haier Hrf 2205 jest szczególnie przydatna, gdy nie ma dostępnych doświadczonych inżynierów i techników, którzy mogliby pomóc z instalacją lub użytkowaniem produktu.

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    HAIER HR-7803 SS - Instrukcja obsługi PL


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Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 1

Inspired living
Refrigerator/Freezer Combi
User's Guide
*=blank WW HS SS
Thank you very much for choosing to purchase a Haier-brand refrigerator.
This User's Guide will help you properly install and operate your newly acquired
For future reference, please write down the model and serial number in the spaces
provided below.
You can retrieve that information from the product label attached to the inside of

Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 2
Contents Before operation Components.................................................................................... 1 Precautions................................................................................... 2-4 Preparations.................................................................................. 5-6 Door removal................................................................................ 7-8 Setting up the Refrigerator/Freezer Combi..................................... 9 Star
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 3
Components Refrigerator Freezer compartment Light Bottle cover Light Shelves Shelves Ice tray Bottle rack Bottle rack Veggie drawer cover Freezer drawers Veggie drawer Note The power plug must remain accessible after setting up the appliance. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. Check the appliance for damages sustained during transportation. Do not connect the appliance if it is dama
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 4
Precautions This appliance requires a 220-240V/50Hz power A dedicated grounded outlet is required. The supply. appliance is equipped with a standard If the voltage is outside of the 187-242V range, shockproof plug, whose grounding should not be malfunctions and damages of the controls, disabled. The power plug of the appliance thermostat or compressor may result, unless a should always be accessible. regulator of at least 750W was installed. Do not damage the power cord. If the power cord is dam
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 5
Precautions Never place flammable, explosive or corrosive This appliance is intended strictly for storing materials in the refrigerator. and freezing foods. It is not suitable for storing such things as vaccines, bacteria or chemical samples, which have demanding temperature requirements. Do not put microwave ovens, voltage Do not store fuel and other flammable products regulators or power strips on this appliance. Do near this appliance. not operate electrical devices and such inside the refrig
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 6
Precautions To avoid injury, keep fingers away from the Do not pour water onto the appliance or set it up door crack when opening or closing the doors. in wet areas. Keep children away from the appliance doors being opened and closed. Refrigerators may only be repaired or altered by Keep bottles and tins out of the freezer. They professionals. Improper repair may cause could burst when the content freezes. considerable damage. Please contact your dealer or our customer service should your applia
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 7
Preparations Unpacking Remove the entire packing material, including the foam underlay and pieces of tape used to hold accessories in place. Separating and counting the included accessories. Check the items in the box against the packing list. In case of a mismatch, please contact your supplier. Setting up the appliance in a suitable area. (Details under “Setting up”. ) Attaching the toe moulding Open the refrigerator and freezer doors, remove the moulding from the refrigerator compartment, and t
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 8
Preparations Attention: Please do not disassemble the door handle. Any modifications must be done by a qualified technician. Standing still After cleaning, let the appliance stand still for at least six hours before turning it on to start it up. 6
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 9
Door removal Removing the door If your house door is too narrow, remove the refrigerator door and carry the refrigerator in narrow side first. Remove the toe moulding. Toe moulding Hinge cover Remove the freezer compartment door. Wires Grounding wire 1) Unscrew the hinge covers. Disconnect Upper (hinge) all wires except for the grounding wire. Upper hinge Screw 2) Remove the screws from the upper hinge following the direction as indicated by Arrow (1). Then remove the upper hinge following the d
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 10
Door removal Remove the refrigerator compartment door. 1)Loosen the hinge cover bolts, and then Wires remove the cover. Upper hinge 2) Remove the screws from the upper hinge following the direction as indicated by Arrow (1). Then remove the upper hinge Screw following the direction as indicated by Arrow (2). 3)Lift the refrigerator compartment door to remove it. Lower hinge Slide the refrigerator through the door opening. Slide the refrigerator through the door opening as shown in the illustrati
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 11
Setting up the Refrigerator/Freezer Combi Be sure to choose a flat and level setup location. Door adjustment Use sturdy and fireproof supports to correct an If the freezer compartment door is lower than unevenness in the floor. Turning an appliance that of the refrigerator compartment, insert the foot clockwise raises the appliance, turning it wrench in the groove of the left screw and turn it anticlockwise lowers the appliance. in the direction of the arrow until both doors are the same height.
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 12
Start-up Power connection After connecting it to the power, the appliance is automatically set to the Intelligent mode. This appliance has a memory function which, in the event of a power failure, automatically stores the operating mode that was last used and restores it when the power is turned on again. Operating modes Recommendation: The Intelligent mode allows the appliance to achieve optimal cooling temperatures, regardless of ambient temperature variations. Choose one of the following two
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 13
Digital display operation Control panel FUZZY Quick. FRZ FRZ. Temp REF. Temp A. Intelligent mode key E. Intelligent mode indicator B. Superfrost key F. Superfrost indicator C. Freezer temperature adjustment key G. Freezer temperature display D. Refrigerator temperature adjustment key H. Refrigerator temperature display Intelligent mode FUZZY Quick. Temp In the Intelligent operating mode, the temperature inside the appliance is adjusted automatically according to variations of the ambi
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 14
Digital display operation Superfrost FUZZY Quick. Temp It has been scientifically proven that a Superfrost type device is necessary to freeze foods quickly and thoroughly. Press key B, upon which indicator F lights up and the Superfrost action is turned on. Press the key again to turn off the Superfrost action, upon which indicator F goes off. (In Intelligent mode, it is not necessary to turn on Superfrost. ) Temperature adjustments At start-up, the Intelligent operating mode i
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 15
Digital display operation Open-door buzzer warning A buzzer sounds intermittently when the door is left open permanently or is not closed properly. Display control 30 minutes after the last key operation the display is turned off. The display is re- activated as soon as a key is pressed or an appliance door is opened. Activating/Deactivating the refrigerator The refrigerator is deactivated by holding key D (refrigerator temperature adjustment) firmly pressed for three seconds. Indicator H (tempe
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 16
Refrigerator compartment Using the refrigerator compartment for short- term food storage The average refrigerator temperature of 0 °C-10 °C is not low enough for long-term storage of foods; it is suitable only for short-term food storage. Adjusting the height of glass shelves The shelves are height-adjustable to accommodate various item sizes. The shelves can be taken out for height adjustment and cleaning. To clean a shelf, pull it in direction 1, and then tilt it in direction 2 until it is in
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 17
Refrigerator compartment Stocking example Foods should be grouped according to the various temperature ranges in the refrigerator compartment. (1) Eggs, butter, cheese (2) Tinned drinks and foods, seasonings (3) Drinks, bottles (4) Preserves (5) Meats (6) Flours, preserves, milk (7) Processed meats, sausage (8) Fruits, vegetables, lettuce Removing the veggie drawer cover First, lift the rear of the shelf in direction (1), and then pull the shelf out in direction (2). Finally, tilt the shelf in d
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 18
Refrigerator compartment Using the veggie drawer The appliance is equipped with a veggie drawer suitable for keeping fruits and vegetables. The humidity level in the veggie drawer is adjustable. Reducing or closing the opening increases the humidity inside the veggie drawer, which is desirable for keeping cucumbers, grapes, kiwi, plums, etc. Increasing the opening reduces the humidity inside the veggie drawer, which is suitable for keeping strawberries, mandarins, beans, garlic, water melon, plu
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 19
Notes on refrigeration Let warm foods and drinks cool down to room Wash and dry off fresh foods before storing temperature before putting them in the them. refrigerator compartment. Pack and seal foods before storing them. This Pack the food into portions suitable for your prevents drying and odour dissipation. household. Place the foods that will be consumed the soonest towards the front so as not to leave the appliance door open longer than necessary. Do not overstock the refrigerator. Be sure
Streszczenie treści zawartej na stronie nr. 20
Tips on refrigeration Remove the leaves of root vegetables to Thawing frozen foods inside the refrigerator prevent them from absorbing the nutrients. helps conserve energy. Items not requiring refrigeration: Onions, Items not suitable for refrigeration: Gourds, peppers, garlic, ginger. melons, bananas, pineapple. Refrigeration promotes their decomposition. Do refrigerate unripe fruits. Caution: Do not use the egg tray as an ice cube tray and never place it in the freezer or Superfrost area to pr

Instrukcja obsługi i eksploatacji Haier Hrf 2205

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